Character Profiles

Keith Courtland
Age: 20
Birthday: 19.9
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 180cm
Hair/Eyecolor: black/blue
Occupation: Computer science student

Keith is as a very clever young man who also can be sometimes a real smart ass.
Nevertheless he gives everyone a helping hand. Thus his mother is of japanese origin he also speaks this language fluently. His father on the other hand was an american high ranked soldier at the US Marine who sadly died in the line of duty when Keith was a Teenager. His mother barely overcame this loss and decided to go back to Japan when her son was at the age of 18. Keith understood her decision and spent a year at his uncles house afterwards who also owns a little Sushi Bar. He also met Randy and they both kinda fell in love with each other. Though Keith would call himself rather bisexual since he still shows interest in girls. Furthermore he and Eileen are sharing a real deep friendship as keith helped her through a hard time at highschool. 
Trivia: He likes cooking, preferably japanese meals. So he mostly ends up cooking something for everyone by the end of the week.

 Randy Cohen 
  Age: 22
Birthday: 2.11
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 188cm
Hair/Eyecolor: reddish brown/green
Occupation: Salesman at Virgin Records

Though Randy may seem to be a bit too serious at first sight, he's a very loyal friend. He loves music, especially Hard Rock and Metal. That's why he will be found often in his room, lying on the bed with headphones on.
Randy comes from a well-heeled home since his father is a very successful accommodation broker. During school-time, Randy caused much trouble because he took mostly any chance to fight with other schoolmates who tried to pick up on him. His grades weren't the best and no matter how hard his parents tried to talk to him, he wouldn't listen. Therefore Randy was sent to a boarding school. He also met Jake and they soon became very good friends. Randy finally came back to his senses and started to control himself. There are still some disagreements between him and his parents, but nevertheless his father made it possible that Randy and his room-mates could move into the spacious flat near Central Park. Randy never showed much interest in girls and so it was no surprise that he ended up with his own gender. Surprisingly, his parents are OK with that. But maybe it's because his sister is now the one who has to follow the family footsteps. However, this doesn't matter to Randy at all cause he's glad about the way it is now and enjoys living with more than good friends.
Trivia:  Loves playing  Co-op Games (e.g. Resident Evil5) with Jake cause he gets easily upset and Randy likes to tease.

  Jake Sullivan
Age: 23
Birthday: 31.3
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 185cm
Hair/Eyecolor: brown/brown
Occupation: Salesman at an Apple Store/Part-Time Job at the Cinema

Jake grew up in a churchly-orphanage. He never got the chance to meet his real parents since Jake was given away soon after his birth. Although he was much taught about the bible, he's not that extremely religious.But still he's keeping a necklace with a little cross charm which was given to him by one of the nuns. Despite everything, Jake is known as a really cheerful and life-loving guy who also loves the ladies.
Jake enjoys eating at "Subway" but nonetheless, he pays attention to his appearance as well. So gaining weight always means some extra hours of sport. He and his room-mate Randy are sharing some kind of "BFF" relationship though they both seem to have not much in common at first sight. Jake also gets along with Eileen very well due to the fact that they share the same interest in music.  Still there are some difference between him and Keith but nothing that cannot be solved. He hasn't the urge to search for his real parents because he rather lives in the present than digging up the past. One of Jake biggest wishes is to take a roadtrip along the Route 66 through the US someday.

Trivia: He once modeled  for cinema promotion photos. But a career as  model wasn't ment to be ;)

Eileen Hayes
 Age: 19
Birthday: 25.2
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 170cm
Hair/Eyecolor: blonde/blue
Occupation:  Part-time Barista at Starbucks, Assistance at a small theater near Broadway

Eileen has a smile for everyone. She’s kind-hearted and could never harm anyone or anything.
People who know her would probably never guess that she had a rather unhappy childhood. She was raised by her mother who got pregnant with Eileen from another man while she was married. Soon after Eileens birth the husband filed a petition for divorce. It was a tough time and Eileen had to stand on her own feet very early by helping her mother (who was apparently overstrained to raise a child on her own.) in every kind of way.
But Eileen avoids to talk about her past childhood because she doesn’t want to be pitied. Only Keith knows everything as he helped her through troubled times in highschool. Now she tries to start something new and hopes that living together with “her” boys remains for a long time cause she considers them already as family. 
Eileen is easily delighted by many little things (e.g finding some cute stuff for her room) but also got a lack of self-confidence. However, the blonde girl is very talented in acting and singing and thereby she got the assistance job at a theater.
Trivia: She loves playing "Dancing Stage" (or "DDR") for the PS2 and rules nearly every highscore. 

Taylor Celeb Parker
 Age: 27
Birthday: 25.6
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 181cm
Hair/Eyecolor: dark blonde/green
Occupation: Detective at the Homicide Department Midtown North/NY

Parker was born in New Orleans/Louisiana and grew up in a modern farmer's family. He had a really easy-going childhood, always surrounded by the people he loved. So for him family will be always the first thing to choose if it comes to decisions. Although he got two brothers, his father's wish was that Parker would someday follow his footsteps. But as for Parker he had other plans. In his teens he chose to join the police department. After finishing the the police academy he decided to move to NewYork because he was fascinated by this city all along. His family, specially his mother, was not that happy with this decision. However she and her husband gave Parker their blessing.
It was a hard time being a noobie in such a big city but soon the famer's boy (as he were called by some friends) was integrated. Still he tries to hide is strong southern accent but sometimes he just fails.
Parker is considered to be a very patient, polite and nice young man who gives everyone a helping hand when needed. Though sometimes he seems a little bit too naïve.
Trivia: He loves to cook and bake and can perfectly keep his household. If he didn't choose the police job, he would have probably opened his own bakery.